Mix & Zap Meaty Loaf Mix

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SKU: WB-2000

Meaty Loaf is an alternative to premade pet food rolls, premium dried food or a raw diet with added benefits of super foods such as Turmeric, Chia & Linseed.

Pet Lovers can feed their dog meaty loaf with the confidence that their dog will be getting the nutrients required without the guess work.

MAKING INSTRUCTION: Simply add one sachet of Meaty Loaf Mix with 500g of your pet’s favourite mince, 1 – 2 cups of water, mix, put into a container & microwave at 50% for 10 – 15 minutes depending upon the amount of water. 

Feel free to add vegetables, rice, pasta or dried dog food to the meaty loaf in your dog’s bowl. 

Note: It is important that any change in your dog’s diet is introduced gradually over a 7 day period.

MAKES: One sachet of Meaty Loaf mix will make approximately 1 kilo of fresh, healthy dog food.

8 to 12Kg 200g
12 to 20Kg 330g
21 to 28Kg 500g
28 to 35Kg 600g
35Kg+ 700g

PACK SIZE: 2 x 225g Sachets 

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