Black Dog Premium Biscuits

Black Dog

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Black Dog Treats are the ideal snack for your furry family, however big their bite. These oven baked bikkies are all Australian made with 100% real ingredients and have loads of extra good stuff added too, so not only are they a great treat but a highly nutritious and functional snack.


  • Australian made
  • Wholegrain wheat
  • Low fat
  • Oven baked
  • High Antioxidants
  • Essential Vitamins and minerals

INGREDIENTS: Whole Grain Wheat, Tallow, Cheese Powder (Cheese Biscuits), Meat Meal, Beef Liver & Kinsey (Beef & Kidney Biscuits), Charcoal Powder (Charcoal Biscuits), Iron Oxide (Charcoal Biscuits), Garlic Powder, Chicken Mince (Chicken Biscuit), Sugar, Salt, Mint Flakes, Parsley Flakes (Mint & Parsley Biscuits), Calcium Carbonate, Flaxseed Meal, Vitamins & Minerals, Titanium Dioxide, Aniseed Flavour (Charcoal Biscuits), Colour (124, 102, 133, 110)

TYPICAL ANALYSIS: Protein 11%, Fat 6%, Fibre <10%, Salt 0.75%


FLAVOUR: Beef, Mint & Parlsey


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