Coat King 18 Blade Double Wide

Mars Grooming Products

SKU: MAR-4503

The Coat King has uniquely ground teeth which make the removal of dead hair, undercoat and knots quick and easy for both you and your pet. The Coat King by Mars is available in different sizes to suit all breed types and coat textures. Coat King is a quality German made product.

BREED GUIDE: As a general rule:

  • The softer the coat, the more blades the better.
  • The longer the coat, the more blades the better.
  • For very short coats, more blades with smaller gaps will be best.
  • For Long or matted coats, use less blades for preparation and more blades for finishing.


  • Akita Japanese
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Bearded Collie
  • Belgian Shepherd, 23 blade for short coats
  • Bernese Mountain
  • Border Collie
  • Briard, 18 blade double or 12 blade double for very thick coats
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever, 18 blade double for body, 20 neck for showdogs
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Groodle (Golden retriever x Standard Poodle)
  • Irish Wolfhound
  • Labradoodle (Labrador x Standard Poodle)
  • Maremma Sheepdog
  • Newfoundland
  • Pyrenean Mastiff
  • Pyrenean Mountain Dog
  • Saint Bernard
  • Siberian Husky

CONTAINS: 1 Rake Tool + Instructions

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