Nutro Cat Adult Salmon 3kg

Mars Petcare Australia


Nutro Adult Cat Salmon includes only high quality natural ingredients, fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, to create a natural food that delivers premium nutrition tailored to your cats life stage.


  • Enriched with a nourishing blend of linoleic acid, zinc and vitamins and biotin. A blend of these nutrients assists in the maintenance of healthy, supple, skin and soft, shiny fur
  • Formulated with advanced antioxidants, including lutein, vitamins C and E and taurine to support a healthy immune system and the maintenance of the overall cellular health for the life of your pet
  • Containing natural beet pulp fibre to help ease the passage of ingested hair through the digestive system and reduce the incidence of furballs
  • Formulated with high quality natural fibres, for digestive health and yucca extract, a blend of which helps reduce the incidence of litterbox odour


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