PetBloon Dog Ball

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PetBloon offers big fun interactive balloon play for your dog. Our clever balloon cover transforms standard balloons into a safer, more durable toy your pup will love. Designed for smaller breeds and gentle giants - it's still a balloon after all!


  • Water resistant balloon cover
  • Large woven label allows smaller dogs to carry the inflated toy
  • Hook and loop seal keeps the balloon securely encapsulated
  • Fold to pocket size for easy travel
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor play
  • Can use any standard latex balloon replacement
  • Safe, durable, light, floaty and lots of fun for all the family
SMALL BREEDS PetBloon is great for smaller breeds. We've included a tough woven label so they can carry or drag the toy around which makes PetBloon much more stimulating and interactive than other ball toys.



Slightly larger breeds love PetBloon - they can really easily chase and header it (while you know it won't cause any harm to them, or damage to surroundings). It'll quickly become a favoured toy.
LARGE BREEDS Remember PetBloon is still a balloon! Bigger dogs can sometimes get their jaws around the cover and pop the ballon with sharp teeth - you can minimise this by making sure the balloon is really well inflated!


CAUTION: It's ideal for most dogs, but we don't recommend PetBloon for puppy teeth, heavy chewers or very destructive dogs.

CONTAINS: 1 PetBloon & 3 Latex Balloons

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