Walkin Wheels Peepers Male Belly Wrap

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SKU: HP-9303

Walkin Wheels Peepers® Male Wrap is a belly band for leaky and incontinent male dogs. It wraps around the dog’s belly and up over the back with a touch-fastener closure to prevent urine from ruining furniture, bedding and floors.
Made of water resistant, soft, comfortable polyester fabric.
Touch-fastener closure makes it easy and simple to put on dog. When used with sanitary pads, the wrap absorbs a volume of urine for incontinent dogs.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Also ideal for training puppies, male marking & excitable urination. Protects home and bedding from germs and odour.

MEASUREMENT: Use the measuring diagram for the best fit for your pet. Measure the circumference around the middle of the abdomen (waist).

Medium 46cm 6.8 to 12.2kgs
Large 56cm 12.7 to 22.6kgs
XLarge 66cm 23.1 to 30kgs
XXLarge 76cm 34.3 to 43.1kgs

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