About us

All Things Canine is a tailored one stop shop for you and your beloved dogs needs. Our website makes shopping easy and convenient where you can order online from the comfort of your own home or on the go with a mobile device and receive products and services right to your door.

We care about you and your family member because we are dog lovers, dog carers and devoted dog parents ourselves.

Our Mission is Keeping Tails Wagging.                          

Caring for their wellbeing, spending quality time and the enjoyment of furry friendship is what it's all about.


Who We Are

All Things Canine was created from being a devoted carer of two beautiful golden retrievers "Kimba and "Bear" both diagnosed with medical issues where their was limited assistance to provide the best quality of life.

Kimba diagnosed with liver cancer 13 months prior to sadly passing away at the age of 12 years in April 2016.

Bear at the age of 6 months fractured his spine in March 2014 and was paraylsed from his mid section. After 2 yrs post surgery care he became our little miracle boy by managing to start stepping again. Now at 4 yrs old we still manage his incontinence needs but are rewarded everyday to see him perform short walks unassisted.

This website is dedicated to them and to helping others just like them.


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