Beco Hemp Rope

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SKU: BB-6504

A toy that's fun, cleans your dog's teeth and is friendly to the environment, im-paws-ible you say?

The Beco Hemp Rope Toy has tough fibres that are great for cleaning dogs teeth and a squeaker that will keep them entertained. One squeak and your dog will come running to your feet. Made from Hemp and recycled cotton, this sustainable dog toy is great for playtime and the planet!


  • Natural & Recycled Materials - Made from sustainable hemp and recycled cotton that makes the rope silky soft and super strong
  • Squeaky Clean Teeth - The tough fibres of hemp rope act as a natural toothbrush, helping to scrub off the bad stuff that gathers on your dog's teeth throughout the day. The more they chew, the cleaner their teeth
  • Squeaking Fun - Dogs love squeaky toys. For us humans, the jury’s out. The squeaker in this toy is loud and puncture-proof which means your furry friends will go wild for it, and it’s likely to hang around for a while too
  • Safer Shedding - Hemp sheds in short fibres that are unlikely to cause harm if ingested and should pass through naturally

MATERIALS: Hemp rope and recycled cotton.

SIZE MEASUREMENT                   
Small 36 x 3 x 5.5cm
Large 60 x 3 x 5.5 cm

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