Beco Hoop and Rope

Time Pet

SKU: BB-6508

Ready. Set. Go. Let tug-o-war begin. The springy natural rubber hoop softens the blow as your dog pulls on one end. The soft recycled cotton rope, fastened with chunky knots, gives you a good grip on the other. Let’s see what you’ve got.


  • Natural Rubber -  The hoop is made from natural rubber tapped from the trunks of rubber trees, its strength and elasticity makes it perfect for dog toys and strong enough for heavy chewers
  • Recycled Cotton - Silky and super strong. The rope is made from recycled cotton, making it highly durable
  • Sweetly Scented - Sweetly scented with notes of vanilla
  • Extra Tough - extra resistant and robust

MATERIAL: Natural Rubber, Recycled Cotton

MEASUREMENT: 37cm Diameter

SIZE: Large

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