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For dental dog treats, you can’t go past the Beef (Veal) Spare Ribs. There is still plenty of meat on the bone so that while they’re chewing, they’re also benefiting from plenty of vital nutrients, such as protein and iron. All naturally found in Australian beef (but you won’t find any additives!).

These treats are dried, not cooked, meaning the bones are safer and therefore will not shard as a cooked bone will. They are entertaining and the perfect size for small to medium dogs.


  • These ribs are a softer bone and are beneficial for maintaining your dog’s dental health. By strengthening their teeth, gums, and removing tartar.
  • High in protein and without artificial sweeteners or preservatives, they are a healthy treat for your best friend.
  • Fantastic quality and 100% Australian Beef and processed here in Queensland.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Australian Beef (Veal) 

CARE INSTRUCTION: Keep sealed and stored out of direct sunlight and under 25 degrees celcius.



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