Colour Magik Pet Spray Aqua Blue


SKU: PW-4605

Colour Magik Pet Spray™, a new way to spray colour onto your favourite pet. A revolutionary sprayer that rivals the spray performance of aerosol without using propellant gases and a pressurised container. Flairosol bridges the gap between triggers and aerosols.

Enjoy this fun product to colour your pet for special occasions like birthdays, family fun days, fetes and so on.


  • Sprays on, shampoos off.
  • Non-toxic, bio-degradable and totally are to use on all animals
  • Ant-static and adheres to fur not to pet’s skin
  • Flairosol spray bottle provides continuous spray, fine mist and low noise in a non-pressurised container
  • Without aerosol, it’s even safer for people & environment
  • 170% More Liquid Content (2.7 Times) (comparison based on the old packaging capacity – 300ml LPG aerosol can)

DIRECTIONS OF USE:  So easy to use, just spray on, even upside down. When it is time to remove the colour, just shampoo out and rinse. Full instructions are listed on the bottle. This product is flammable.


COLOUR: Aqua Blue

PACK SIZE: 280ml

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