Pawfect Pals Bandana You Give Me Butterflies

Pawfect Pals

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SKU: PPS-8800

For a lot of dog lovers, our pups are the ones who make us smile, laugh and appreciate the little moments. You Give me Butterflies is for the pups who make our lives whole and make our hearts truly flutter.

The 'You Give me Butterflies' bandana is covered in preciously pink butterflies and florals. Made from polyester, the bandana can also be used in summer time to cool-off your pups, simply by wetting it and placing it in the fridge for 10 minutes! Finished off with a gorgeous cruelty-free PU leather Pawfect Pals logo, this bandana will ensure that your pup is the prettiest pupper wherever you venture.

SIZE NECK SIZE                                                   
Small / Medium Fits up to 35cm
Medium / Large Fits up to 65cm

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