Pawfect Pals Poo Bag Holder I Love You Beary Much

Pawfect Pals

SKU: PPS-4301

When your dog does a doody, you’ve got to do your duty. May as well do it in style with a Pawfect Pals Deja Poo Waste Bag Holder!

This Pawfect Pals Waste Bag comes in our I Love You BEARy Much design. The cute and colourful paw pattern symbolises the many steps you and your dog will take side by side on your journey together!

Made from the same high-quality neoprene as our harnesses, these lightweight and versatile dog waste bag holders make cleaning up after your dog easier than ever. Simply strap the platinum clip to your matching Pawfect Pals lead, and you’ll always have a waste bag on hand when Deja Poo strikes again!


  • Made from a high-quality neoprene material
  • Thick subtly coloured zip
  • Black carabiner
  • Can be clipped onto our soft leads, mini leads or even your belt! 

PRINT / DESIGN: I Love You Beary Much

CONTAINS: Poo Waste Bag Holder & a Roll of 15 Eco-Friendly Waste Bags

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