Petway Shampoo Clarifying Fragrance Free


SKU: PW-4065

Petway Fragrance Free Clarifying Shampoo is our most advanced formula yet!  It is designed for any animal or human affected by or allergic to strong fragrances or essential oils, it is Fragrance Free and Vegan.

Developed to thoroughly clean dogs of all dirt, grime and excess sebum, fats and oils without stripping the coat and skin of essential natural oils.

It does this using a combination of high end, gentle cosmetic grade, plant derived surfactants and has conditioning properties to ensure the skin and hair fibres are not dried out.

Contains no solvents or sulphates and is non-irritating.  No harsh preservatives.  Preservatives used are from natural fruit and vegetable extracts.

Can be used for general purpose cleaning, as a clarifying shampoo or use neat for ears or grease spots.  Dilutions vary and are shown on the label.

PACK SIZE: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

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