Red Dingo ID Tag Enamel Butterfly Pink

Red Dingo

Available for pre-order

At Red Dingo we have great looking tags that include free personalised engraving and delivery. Our enamel on solid stainless steel tags will never rust or corrode. 

• Solid Stainless Steel
• Will not corrode or rust
• Tag and engraving guaranteed for life
• All tags are engraved with Arial font
• Free personalised engraving & delivery direct from Red Dingo Tag Express
Available in 3 colours
• Available in 3 sizes

Tell us how to customize your tag by placing your engraving details in the information box on the bottom of the cart page.

SIZE            MAX CHARACTERS PER LINE MAX LINES PER TAG                       
Small 10 Characters 3 Lines
Medium 16 Characters 3 Lines
Large 19 Characters 5 Lines

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