Red Dingo Safety Collar Lumitube Red

Red Dingo

SKU: RDA-7056

The Lumitube collar is illuminated by two powerful LEDs to keep dogs visible at night. The tube length can be cut to size and the quick release connectors make the sizing process quick and easy. The collar is waterproof and suitable for swimming and wet weather outings. Lumitube runs on one AAA battery (not included). Replacement batteries are inexpensive and widely available. Lumitube has been designed to slip over the dog’s head.


  • LED Light Highly visible and long lasting
  • Battery Housing Durable and waterproof
  • Quick Release Connector For quick fitting
  • Illuminated Safety Collar High Visibility
  • Waterproof Suitable for wet weather and swimming
  • Cut to Fit Quick and easy resizing 
  • AAA Battery Replace and go (Not included)


CARE INSTRUCTION: Warning: Lumitube is designed to be used in addition to a regular dog collar - attaching a lead to Lumitube is not recommended.

SIZE LENGTH                                                    
Small - Medium 15 to 50 cm
Large - XLarge 15 to 80 cm

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