Walkin Front Splint

Handicapped Pets

SKU: HP-9314

The Walkin’ Front Splint for dogs and cats assists with injuries to the lower front limbs that need to be splinted or braced. Modeled after human splints, the Front Splint provides stability and support for the lower front limbs (carpal and paw) of your pet.


  • Constructed of waterproof hard plastic exterior, soft interior foam padding, non-skid pad on bottom & touch-fastener closures
  • Front Splint extends above carpal & completely under the foot, giving full support to bottom of your pet’s leg
  • Keeps pet’s leg in normal walking position
  • Supports & stabilizes carpal & paw areas of front limbs
  • Allows weight to be put on the broken or weak limb
  • Reduces the standard cost of bandaging & casting
  • Lightweight design increases the pet’s tolerance of the splint
  • Provides an easy way to provide daily wound therapy

INSTRUCTION: It’s important to remember that any splint or bootie placed on a pet’s foot will need to be removed at bedtime, and should be removed for at least an hour during the day to allow the foot to breathe. It may take a few days for your cat or dog to become acclimated to the feeling of walking around with a splint, but the unique design will have them feeling comfortable quickly.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Walkin’ Front Splints are designed to support the lower part of the legs. They will not stabilize the elbow on the front leg. Please check with your local veterinarian before using the splint on your dog or cat. 

PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE ONLY: Please add 15 additional business days transit time for stock arriving from manufacturer overseas.

Use the measuring diagrams and corresponding size guides (ABC) below for correct sizing of your pet. There is no “right” or “left” leg or paw designated for splints; splints may be used for either the right or left leg / paw. If you order a splint and it is marked with “L” it refers to the size Large.

XXS 14.6cm 7.6cm 2.5cm 4.5kgs
XS 19.7cm 10.8cm 4.4cm 4.5-11.3kgs
S 22.9cm 12.7cm 5.1cm 11.3-18.1kgs
M 26.0cm 15.2cm 5.7cm 18.1-29.4kgs
L 27.9cm 17.8cm 6.4cm 29.4-38.5kgs
XL 29.2cm 18.4cm 7.0cm +38.5kgs

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