Walkin Pets Swimmin' Vest

Handicapped Pets

SKU: HP-9001

Walkin Pets Swimmin’ Vest will keep your dog safe in the water in style! This full-body life jacket is comfortable and lightweight, with adjustable closures under the dog’s belly and across the chest. Adjustable nylon straps with quick-release clips under belly and across chest are extra security and protection. Nylon “grab” handle on back is reinforced and easily guides dog in water, or can be used to grab dog when assistance is needed. Handy D-ring clip is firmly attached to nylon strapping on back for leash or boat hook. Constructed with lightweight, floatable closed-cell foam pads covered with abrasion-resistant materials.


  • Bright orange color and reflective trim for easy visibility
  • Adjustable closures under belly and across chest
  • Nylon strapping and quick-release clips for extra security
  • Reinforced grab handle and leash clip on back
  • Closed-cell foam pads covered with abrasion-resistant materials
XSmall 21cm 36-46cm 46-56cm
Small 26cm 41-51cm 51-61cm
Medium 31cm 46-61cm 56-66cm
Large 36cm 56-71cm 61-76cm
XLarge 43cm 66-79cm 71-94cm
XXLarge 51cm 76-94cm 89-114cm

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